Posted by: splat | February 11, 2012

What is “Relationship Theology” ?

I opened a room on paltalk during the month of February, 2012 under the name of “Relationship Theology” and a number of people asked me why the name.  This is how it came about.

I happened to wander into a Calvinist room and we got into a conversation on how God speaks today.  They claimed that God doesn’t directly speak to us today, that He gave us bibles, and that was all we needed.  The obvious problem with that was the great deal of confusion and confused teaching from those who claim to be bible teachers even amongst those who provide a plethora of scriptures.  My contention was that God not only gave us bibles but He gave us the author of the bible, the Holy Spirit, to lead us into all truth, but always in line with whats in the bible.  (I was pushing the personal relationship with the author of the bible as my angle.)  They were not enthusiastic about this, as to them, personal direction, seemed to muddle in with personal revelation, which in turn seemed to muddle in with adding to the bible even though no one was claiming they were actually writing anything down and sending their notes to the bible translators for inclusion in the next release of their bible translation.

The hyper-sovereignty camp (those who believe that God’s qualities of love, justice, etc are swallowed up and redefined by his sovereignty) often minimize, or entirely eliminate the importance of relationship with our heavenly Father. However, I guess those in that camp would probably consider me to be “hyper-relational” or “hyper-personal-God” or something, because I believe in a personal God.

Another time when I was talking to some of these kind of people I discovered that had a very different definition of “faith” to what I had.  Their definition would mean something like dedication or devotion to God.  To me this is works or trying to be acceptable to God.  To me “faith” is relationship.  The more you know someone the more you can have “faith” in them or trust them.  Its difficult to have “faith” or trust in a complete stranger, but someone you know and have found to be trustworthy, its much easier to have faith in them.

I am not sure where this is all going to lead.  Its just something that’s been on my heart lately.



  1. Well, it is my observation they walk by the Paper, and not by the Spirit. The two do not correspond with each other.. walking by the paper, vs walking in the Spirit. they are not compatible, and we shouldn’t expect them to be.

  2. sure, one inevitably leads to legalism (the paper) and the other leads to freedom (the spirit). Unfortunately very few “Christians” seem to be able to distinguish between “religion” and “relationship” these days.

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