Posted by: splat | November 22, 2010

Isaiah 45:3-7

The following conversation took place on in a room similar to that of the title.

What was unusual about this particular conversation was that I initially created the room to attract Norwegian’s attention. (It is his favorite scripture). However shortly after Si joined the room, who “just happened” to have had this particular scripture preached on in the church he attends. For this reason the conversation was interesting and has been recorded for posterity. πŸ™‚

One comment that I made on the microphone and will not show up in transcript. Si made the comment that light and darkness are opposites. This kind of makes sense on a superficial level. However darkness is really the absence of light. If we go back to Genesis we can see when God created light. There is no mention of him creating darkness in the genesis passage. It was actually the light that showed up the darkness by contrast (or separation). As the light is separated from the darkness, we have day and night, as governed by a revolution of the earth.

If this corresponds, in like manner, to Isaiah 45:3-7 (or in particular verses 6 and 7) then the good and evil mentioned makes more sense as functional and dysfunctional. Apparently there is no “evil” in Hebrew language as we think of it in English. See this article for explanation.

[08:23:47] ————————–Isaiah 45v3-7————————–
[08:24:32] splat: Hi
[08:24:37] beutifulone01: hello
[08:24:46] splat: How r u?
[08:24:54] beutifulone01: good and u
[08:25:05] splat: doing ok, thx
[08:25:28] beutifulone01: so teach me about it, im hungryyy
[08:25:43] splat: Ahhh, this is one of Norwegians verses
[08:25:57] splat: seeing if it will bait him in here
[08:26:02] beutifulone01: u are a teacher too
[08:26:28] splat: you saw my blog site?
[08:26:40] beutifulone01: u tell me about it
[08:26:53] splat:
[08:27:01] splat: Did I show you that before?
[08:29:27] splat: The prayer teaching is good, I might move that on to main page
[08:33:16] Norwegian: Splat, you are weird
[08:33:28] splat: Hey Norweigina
[08:33:32] splat: Norwegian
[08:33:44] splat: I thought that would get your attention πŸ˜€
[08:33:51] Norwegian: yes it did
[08:34:04] splat: Yeah, I looked up the verse
[08:34:10] Norwegian: wonder if anyone else will come here
[08:34:23] splat: you think its too obscure πŸ˜€
—- snip —–
[08:37:35] kitt17: {morningstardove} hi mam how r u
[08:37:36] morningstardove: hey when are you starting this study splat?
[08:37:42] morningstardove: hey kitt πŸ™‚
[08:37:57] kitt17: hi
[08:37:58] morningstardove: i just saw what you are studying its a great passage
[08:38:01] splat: {morningstardove} This verses are Norwegians favourite verses
[08:38:05] Norwegian: Kitt, call me whatever you want
[08:38:12] morningstardove: but i have to go in about 15 mins
[08:38:16] kitt17: {Norwegian} ty sir
[08:38:20] Norwegian: almost whatever
[08:38:35] splat: {morningstardove} have you seen my blog?
[08:38:42] morningstardove: on here splat?
[08:38:47] Norwegian: Ok Splat, preach about it,
[08:38:50] kitt17: {splat} what is a blog any way?
[08:39:00] splat: a blog is a website
[08:39:00] morningstardove: ill have to check it out
[08:39:07] kitt17: oh ok ty
[08:39:07] morningstardove: you got a link?
[08:39:12] splat: ok, well, I discovered something about vs 7
[08:39:22] morningstardove: i have to wake up my son in a min
[08:39:23] Norwegian: tell splatt
[08:39:25] splat:
[08:39:34] splat: I discovered vs 7 comes after vs 7 πŸ˜‰
[08:39:42] splat: after verse 6 I mean
[08:39:56] morningstardove: lol
[08:40:01] Norwegian: Woooow
[08:40:02] splat: and I discovered that the earth is round
[08:40:08] Norwegian: I have never seen that SPLAT!!
[08:40:12] Norwegian: But, yeah
[08:40:20] Norwegian: wooow!!
[08:40:22] splat: lol, listen up, to sound like an american πŸ˜€
[08:40:30] morningstardove: so profound splat
[08:40:31] morningstardove: lol
[08:40:42] Norwegian: You are really amazing splat
[08:40:43] kitt17 has uploaded a picture:
[08:40:45] kitt17: hi si
[08:40:51] morningstardove: well i better go and wake up my boy
[08:40:52] splat: actually I did have a point
[08:41:03] si: we talked about Isaiah 45 in church today
[08:41:05] morningstardove: leaves the room muttering ……pfffffffffffffft kiwis
[08:41:06] Norwegian: :reading:
[08:41:22] kitt17: brb
[08:41:29] Norwegian: Splat That actually WAS a point
[08:41:29] morningstardove: ill have to get your point later splat lol
[08:41:44] morningstardove: laters folks……blessings :love:
[08:41:46] splat: {morningstardove} ok, Morningstar
[08:41:48] Norwegian: Si,. Interesting
[08:41:55] splat: {morningstardove} Be blessed πŸ™‚
[08:42:02] si: yes very
[08:42:04] Norwegian: did you hear splat, what Si said
[08:42:16] splat: yes, I heard what si said
[08:42:31] si: God tells Israels that He is going to give them the treasures of the
[08:42:38] si: so they may know He is God
[08:42:42] Norwegian: But splat, come to the point, and we will hear what si has to
say after that
[08:42:47] si: and they may understand, know, and believe Him
[08:42:56] Norwegian: Ok, lets hear Si first
[08:43:00] splat: sure
[08:43:16] si: i go to a very prophetic church
[08:43:28] si: we have been preparing for this time in the Lord for 32 yrs now
[08:43:45] Norwegian: what THIS time??
[08:43:52] si: the Lord is using the Crisis to shake us up out of our current
[08:44:01] si: yes the glory of the church
[08:44:07] si: being revealed
[08:44:34] Norwegian: SI. Tell me: 1) what has your church preapere for in 32 years
[08:44:43] Norwegian: 2 what si the treasures of the land
[08:45:00] si: It’s a transfer of wealth
[08:45:01] Norwegian: 3) what glory of the church is to be revealed
[08:45:16] Norwegian: what kind of wealth
[08:45:24] si: The world is struggling, we believe the Lord is rising us up His
children so that the world will see His glory
[08:45:48] si: This is a tranformational period
[08:46:16] si: If you want to listen to todays service which will do a far better job
than I can it is online πŸ™‚
[08:46:43] Norwegian: I think I would like to know your opinion
[08:46:50] Norwegian: Hi Kitt
[08:46:56] kitt17: hi
[08:47:05] splat: wb kitt17
[08:47:07] kitt17: id better just stay out of lobby
[08:47:26] kitt17: its lets slam kitt day today if they aint doin it to me i am
[08:47:36] si: Okay
[08:47:40] si: I believe we are in the third day
[08:47:54] Norwegian: anyway: you are sayiing, there is tranformation going on, and a
transfering of wealth, that is economical wealth that is transferd to you church, and
that your church has prepeard for this in 32 years??
[08:48:07] si: not my church
[08:48:15] si: THE Church πŸ™‚
[08:48:29] si: But yes this was spoken to my Pastor 32 yrs ago
[08:48:31] Norwegian: the third day of how many days?
[08:48:38] si: 3
[08:48:58] splat: or you refer to the 7 day creation?
[08:48:58] Norwegian: ok; 3 days, and this is the last day
[08:49:08] splat: 6 day Imean
[08:49:42] si: Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal
us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.
[08:49:57] si: After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us
up, and we shall live in his sight.
[08:50:06] si: Hosea 6:1-2
[08:50:22] Norwegian: but Si, who will give your church this wealth, and where is it
hidden now? and how much money are we talking about?
[08:50:38] si: So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is
as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain
watering the earth.”
[08:50:54] si: 6:3
[08:51:44] Norwegian: ok
[08:51:45] splat: {Thepinkpearl} welcome πŸ™‚
[08:51:54] Thepinkpearl: hi
[08:52:09] Norwegian: I just think: this scripture is not about economical wealth Si
[08:52:11] Thepinkpearl: just watching the football game
[08:52:20] si: it’s not
[08:52:32] si: when I say third day I mean transformation of His people
[08:52:40] si: growing up
[08:52:42] si: maturity
[08:52:50] si: children into sons/daughters
[08:52:54] Norwegian: but the maturing is a constant prosess
[08:53:01] si: yes it is
[08:53:09] si: but this is a new time I think
[08:53:13] si: a new way of knowing the Lord
[08:53:19] si: Him revealing Himself in new ways
[08:53:29] Norwegian: In what way do you think
[08:53:37] RyanZ: Isaiah 45:7 isn’ t that the scripture that speaks of God creating
[08:53:49] Norwegian: what is in particular new about the way he reveals himself
[08:53:49] splat: {RyanZ} yes
[08:53:55] si: Perfect question
[08:54:13] RyanZ: thought so
[08:54:26] RyanZ: Many have difficulty with that scripture
[08:54:31] Norwegian: the question of Ryan or me Si
[08:54:41] RyanZ: si senior
[08:55:29] Norwegian: yes they have Ryan
[08:56:23] RyanZ: I know many folks don’t like to think their cosmic genie can create
evil and sin
[08:56:34] splat: I hear ya Norwegian
[08:56:39] RyanZ: It really throws a monkey wrench in their theology
[08:56:44] si: Isaiah 43:4 Since you are precious in My sight, Since you are honored
and I love you, I will give other men in your place and other peoples in exchange for
your life.
[08:57:07] splat: cosmic genie I think
[08:57:08] si: Everyone who is called by My name, And whom I have created for My
glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made.”
[08:57:08] RyanZ: si a reference to the Christ possibly?
[08:57:25] si: You are My witnesses,” declares the LORD, “And My servant whom I have
chosen, So that you may know and believe Me And understand that I am He. Before Me
there was no God formed, And there will be none after Me.
[08:58:13] si: I, even I, am the LORD, And there is no savior besides Me.
[08:58:55] splat: yes, I discovered the earth is round
[08:59:03] si: Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past.
[08:59:13] splat: so the light is on only one side
[08:59:17] si: Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you
not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the
[08:59:42] si: The beasts of the field will glorify Me, The jackals and the
ostriches, Because I have given waters in the wilderness And rivers in the desert, To
give drink to My chosen people.
[08:59:51] si: Isaiah 43
[08:59:55] splat: ah ok
[09:00:01] si: Good stuff
[09:00:27] si: Yes, we are knowing Him in a new way
[09:00:33] si: Believing Him
[09:00:43] si: We will see many more miracles
[09:00:54] si: They are already happening over here
[09:01:03] si: They are happening in Asia
[09:01:04] splat: oh, miracles?
[09:01:05] si: Peru
[09:01:17] si: Healing
[09:01:28] si: Curing Cancer, Diabetes, Brain damage, blindness
[09:02:11] si: You are My witnesses,” declares the LORD, “And My servant whom I have
chosen, So that you may
know and believe Me And understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed,
And there will be
none after Me.
[09:02:11] Norwegian: brb
[09:02:24] si: you may know and believe Me and understand I am He.
[09:02:37] splat: si, in your home town in Peru?
[09:03:01] si: no but my church does outreaches in Peru, El Salvidore, and Haiti
[09:03:17] splat: {si} so you have seen the miracles or heard about them?
[09:03:19] si: my friend was in Haiti and thousands came to Christ in days
[09:03:33] si: God restored a blind person when He prayed over her
[09:03:52] si: My friend Barry was healed of Cancer
[09:03:58] si: My Pastor was healed of seizures
[09:04:05] si: A guy I met in church was healed of diabetes
[09:04:32] si: Crazy faith going on
[09:04:39] splat: wow, does this ministry have a website, is anyone documenting it?
[09:04:45] si: If you follow Asia millions are coming to Christ through miracles
[09:05:16] si: I don’t think US is the largest Christian population anymore
[09:05:23] si: I believe its Asia now
[09:05:42] splat: {si} what about externally visible healings? You seeing those?
[09:05:53] splat: I mean like cancer can be internal and someone else might not know
about it
[09:06:17] si: I haven’t yet, but my friend witnessed it in Haiti and he wouldn’t lie
to me
[09:06:27] splat: ok
[09:06:50] si: He said he was almost every miracle but coming back from the dead in
[09:07:05] si: I was invited to this church on tuesday, after praying monday for new
[09:07:11] si: So I was like okay I’ll check it out
[09:07:26] splat: I thought haiti used to be a place of black magic and stuff
[09:07:27] si: The lady who spoke was Mary Frost, who God has used to bring people
back from their death bed
[09:07:32] si: Yeah it did
[09:07:37] si: Check this out
[09:07:48] si: Haiti was hit with an earthquake
[09:07:56] si: In a place called Konception
[09:08:09] si: “labor pains” right
[09:08:17] splat: possibly
[09:08:20] si: anyways, after they were hit with the earthquake
[09:08:33] si: a million people came to listen and praise God
[09:08:48] splat: so who preached the gospel to them?
[09:08:56] si: They are organizations out there
[09:08:57] si: Lots
[09:09:08] si: But its a very broken place right now
[09:09:13] si: They are healing
[09:09:17] si: They need leadership
[09:09:29] splat: so what organization is Mary Frost from?
[09:09:35] si: But voodoo priests are knowing Christ, because they are trying to cast
spells on Christians and can’t
[09:10:27] splat: ok, I will get to the point
[09:10:40] splat: In my country I have never heard the gospel of the kingdom preached
[09:10:50] splat: and seldom anywhere else
[09:10:58] splat: so I am trying to figure …
[09:11:09] splat: if it has started to be preached, where did it come from
[09:11:20] si: where is yoru country?
[09:11:25] splat: New Zealand
[09:11:30] si: there are many churches that are going out to the Nations right now
[09:11:38] si: my church is focused on the Spanish right now
[09:11:50] si: El Salvidore, Peru, Haiti
[09:11:54] splat: what country you from/in ?
[09:11:59] si: I’m in US
[09:12:06] splat: ok
[09:12:22] splat: still, many churches preach gospel, but not actually gospel of
[09:12:51] splat: if there are miracles …
[09:12:57] splat: then there must be faith for miracles …
[09:13:16] si: yes
[09:13:21] si: Crazy faith
[09:13:28] splat: and if the miracles are happening in any number
[09:13:35] splat: then there must be a message
[09:13:43] splat: to stir up faith
[09:13:47] si: Yes we preach the Gospel of Kingdom
[09:13:51] si: yes exactly
[09:13:52] si: you are right
[09:14:02] si: you are knowledgable in the Lord brother
[09:14:21] splat: well, I’ve been around for awhile, hopefully learned a few things
in that time
[09:14:33] si: think of Peter
[09:14:39] si: when he went to Jesus
[09:14:45] si: and walked on water with Him
[09:14:51] si: he had fished in those waters
[09:14:56] si: and there was a storm
[09:15:07] si: he probably knew people who didnt make it
[09:15:14] si: he knew how deep it was
[09:15:22] si: he had to climb up on that big bow on the side
[09:15:27] si: while the boat rocked
[09:15:35] si: and then jump out
[09:15:42] si: think of that faith
[09:15:52] splat: sure
[09:15:54] si: it wasn’t just possibility he had to overcome but knowledge
[09:16:01] si: KNOWING
[09:16:07] si: crazy right
[09:16:15] si: jumping off the top of a boat
[09:16:17] splat: it always is
[09:16:21] si: in a storm that big
[09:16:25] splat: crazy as you put it
[09:16:37] si: yes Mary calls it Crazy Faith
[09:16:43] si: and I like it
[09:16:55] si: to believe if we pray
[09:17:01] si: that He will meet the prayer
[09:17:20] splat: ok, is this the mary frost ->
[09:17:34] si: yes
[09:17:42] splat: ok, thx
[09:17:53] si: no problem
[09:17:57] si: she’s cool
[09:18:04] si: she didnt get all dressed up or anything
[09:18:13] si: she came like a normal person
[09:18:17] si: spoke like a normal person
[09:18:20] si: down to Earth
[09:18:24] splat: ok, thats good
[09:18:31] si: didnt think highly of herself
[09:18:42] si: but she has Crazy Faith for God to perform
[09:18:45] si: and that He loves her
[09:18:57] si: it was a really powerful preaching
[09:19:01] splat: ok, thx, I think I will research that
[09:19:23] si: One thing she said I liked it
[09:19:25] si: well a couple things
[09:19:37] si: 1. We have to be empty vessels for God to fill us up
[09:19:45] si: 2. We have to bring God empty vessels
[09:19:48] si: As many as we can find
[09:20:05] si: Just like Elijah did for the certain woman
[09:20:07] splat: and did she say how one becomes an empty vessel?
[09:20:12] si: and her little jar of oil
[09:20:19] si: She said this
[09:20:28] si: You have to step past yourself
[09:20:31] si: And your mind
[09:20:36] si: What you think is possible
[09:20:39] si: Your point of view
[09:20:42] si: And believe Gods
[09:20:49] si: If He says pray for someone, do it
[09:20:59] si: believe He will perform
[09:21:20] splat: yes, trust and obey
[09:21:26] si: She said, another thing.. she said what if He doesnt do anything?
[09:21:34] si: She said to that..
[09:21:39] si: What if He does!
[09:21:40] si: πŸ™‚
[09:21:46] si: I liked that
[09:21:55] si: It’s not our power anyway
[09:22:04] splat: well, praying for people is not a huge risk
[09:22:10] splat: you’re not going to drown if you get it wrong
[09:22:17] si: True
[09:22:29] si: but if God calls us to pray for blind people for them to restore their
[09:22:32] si: it takes faith
[09:22:40] splat: sure
[09:22:57] si: because we don’t want to be wrong, or show God can’t do it etc right
[09:23:03] si: thats Crazy Faith πŸ™‚
[09:23:25] splat: yes, there is always a degree of ‘what if’ in us
[09:23:34] si: yeah we need to step past it
[09:23:42] si: stop listening to our mind
[09:23:57] si: thats what she talked about
[09:24:02] si: i have notes and notes πŸ™‚
[09:24:42] si: I truly believe God is revealing Himself in a new way right now
[09:24:57] si: while the world struggles, His people are being transformed to be the
[09:25:06] si: Knowing Him as we are known
[09:25:18] splat: so what preceded this new revelation?
[09:25:19] splat: prayer?
[09:25:22] splat: fasting?
[09:25:26] splat: something else?
[09:25:51] si: What preceded God revealing Himself?
[09:25:57] splat: yeah
[09:26:08] si: I think it’s like Jacob bro
[09:26:15] si: He was turned to Israel
[09:26:20] si: do you remember why?
[09:26:24] splat: He wrestled
[09:26:31] si: Yeah
[09:26:38] si: He struggled with God and man and prevailed
[09:26:53] si: Israel means Prince of God
[09:26:57] si: (Royalty)
[09:27:09] splat: ok
[09:27:13] si: So keep struggling with God
[09:27:23] si: Jacob wanted Esau’s birthright and his blessing
[09:27:26] si: he wanted everything
[09:27:37] si: he wanted to be the firstborn coming out of the womb
[09:28:36] splat: ok, it looks like mary has an email address
[09:28:40] splat: Hi tree
[09:28:42] splat: πŸ™‚
[09:28:46] si: if you want to know more, i can show you where to get a copy of
today’s service, we talked about God breaking mindsets
[09:28:47] tree: hi Splat
[09:28:48] splat: so I might email here
[09:28:51] Norwegian: Si; are you a part of the mormon church?
[09:28:51] tree: hi everyone
[09:28:57] si: No I’m not
[09:29:00] si: hey tree πŸ™‚
[09:29:11] Norwegian: Mary Frost, is she?
[09:29:12] tree: hiya Si
[09:29:18] si: i passed out last night lol
[09:29:23] si: no she’s not
[09:29:24] tree: lol
[09:29:31] Norwegian: what church are you into
[09:29:40] Norwegian: what is its name
[09:29:48] si: Mt Zion
[09:30:06] si:
[09:30:11] Norwegian: pentacostAL?
[09:30:18] si: non denominational
[09:30:27] si: but we believe in the gifts yes
[09:30:38] splat: oh,you are a korean church?
[09:30:39] si:
[09:30:40] si: sorry
[09:31:00] splat: ok, looking
[09:31:06] si: slip of the finger πŸ™‚
[09:31:27] Norwegian: dO YOU HAVE AN ENLIGHS SITE
[09:31:43] si:
[09:31:50] si: thats the recordings from wed and sunday
[09:31:55] si: yeah Norwegian
[09:31:59] si:
[09:32:03] si: i spelled it wrong
[09:32:40] splat: yes, got it, thanks
[09:33:23] splat: so how is Mary Frost attached to your church?
[09:33:32] splat: Is she a pastor of Mt Zion?
[09:33:46] si: no she’s not
[09:33:52] si: weird how i met her
[09:33:57] si: i was praying and praying
[09:34:01] si: on Monday
[09:34:08] si: then someone asked me to go with them on tuesday
[09:34:11] si: so i was like okay
[09:34:18] si: maybe this is God showing me something new
[09:34:52] si: i keep praying to the Lord for new revelation new insights, to
understand what He is doing
[09:43:46] splat: Any audio teachings of Mary Frost’s preaching?
[09:44:43] si: not that I know of
[09:44:48] si: sorry
[09:44:59] splat: transcripts?
[09:45:07] si: I didnt know Alice Cooper was a Christian
[09:45:23] si: Just found that out
[09:45:31] si: Not that I know of
[09:45:36] si: I only heard her speak once
—- snip —–
[09:50:28] Norwegian: Splat. it was all about 45.3
[09:50:30] paws4jesus: treeeeeeeeeee
[09:50:50] splat: {Norwegian} yeah, I’m still trying to connect the dots also, so far
[09:50:53] tree: :waving:
[09:51:10] splat: ok, Tree, God bless
[09:51:20] splat: oh you leaving, tree?
[09:51:23] Norwegian: dots?
[09:51:28] tree: oh, I’m not going
[09:51:34] goodforall: {goodforall} {si} {si}
[09:51:38] splat: {Nebuchadnezzar4} Hi
[09:51:39] goodforall: {si} {si} {si} {si} {si}
[09:51:47] Nebuchadnezzar4: hi splat
[09:51:49] splat: {Norwegian} well, as you said about Isaiah 45:3
[09:52:06] splat: {Norwegian} i thought it might come out of the Mt Zion sermons
[09:52:28] splat: something si said about it being preached on in his church
[09:52:34] Norwegian: yes
[09:52:42] si: goodforall love to pray for you
[09:52:57] Norwegian: I cant see the big picture here
[09:53:09] splat: {Norwegian} me neither … yet
[09:53:24] si: which big picture?
[09:53:57] Norwegian: I just think 45.3-7 is not about miracles
[09:54:02] Norwegian: not about sins and wonders
[09:54:10] si: oh okay
[09:54:12] goodforall: thanks
[09:54:16] goodforall: byeeeeeeeee alllllllllll
[09:54:18] si: well sorry to hiijack the room
[09:54:19] goodforall: byeeeeeee all
[09:54:20] Norwegian: signs
[09:54:39] Norwegian: that is the picture I cant see
[09:54:46] splat: {si} no you didn’t hijack, we just don’t understand where you came
from there
[09:55:45] splat: {si} Was isaiah 45 preached on in one of those sermons on mt zion
[09:55:45] si: as a side note
[09:55:52] si: I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create
disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things.
[09:55:58] si: i think this is the proper translation
[09:56:01] si: not create evil
[09:56:03] si: and here’s why
[09:56:12] si: light and darkness are opposites
[09:56:21] si: prosperity and evil are not
[09:56:32] si: prosperity and calamity or disaster are more opposites
[09:56:51] splat: let me find it in my nasb translation
[09:56:58] si: thats the NASB
[09:57:06] si: KJV is evil
[09:57:12] splat: oh ok, thought it sounded familiar
[09:57:17] si: people use it to show that God makes evil
[09:57:27] si: not KJV is evil, but it says evil
[09:57:41] si: yeah
[09:58:14] si: same as Genesis light?
[09:58:19] si: i use Concordant method
[09:58:29] si: do you know it?
[09:58:29] splat: yes, I do also
[09:58:38] splat: I used the clv for years
[09:58:55] si: thats definitely peace
[09:58:58] si: yeah
[09:59:00] si: shalom
[09:59:16] si: whats the word?
[09:59:22] si: ra?
[09:59:24] Norwegian: ra
[09:59:29] si: ra = evil?
[09:59:43] si: it says ra
[09:59:52] Nebuchadnezzar4: Ra is eghyptian god he is also the smerian god marduk who
is mentioned 5 times in the old testament
[10:01:20] si:
[10:01:35] Nebuchadnezzar4: he is also mars and aries too
[10:02:00] splat: Norwegian, si’s link talks about Isaiah 45:7
[10:02:03] davidsheart: back to lobby
[10:02:10] davidsheart: c u guys
[10:02:21] si: just found this
[10:02:23] si: To understand the words “good” and “bad” from a more Hebraic
understanding these words should be understood as “functional” and “dysfunctional”.
God is both functional (such as seen in the Creation story of Genesis one) as well as
dysfunctional (such as the destruction of the flood).
[10:02:30] si: this is pretty cool
—- snip —–
[10:14:07] si: Here’s what I think
[10:14:14] si: What is good to one, can be bad to another
[10:14:22] si: Only Gods way is perfection.
[10:14:40] splat: I didnt have muy headset on properly
[10:15:51] Norwegian: no sound
[10:15:58] splat: ok Ill type it
[10:16:17] Norwegian: yes
[10:17:24] si: very true
[10:17:36] si: light revealed the darkness
[10:17:54] si: didnt Jesus say that
[10:18:00] splat: yes
[10:18:04] si: He is the Light and people loved the darkness more
[10:18:07] splat: 1 John 1:5 I think
[10:18:10] si: that is the condemnation
[10:18:58] si: can we read
[10:19:03] si: 3:7
[10:19:08] si: with this new understanding in mind
[10:19:11] si: and see if the context fits
[10:19:17] si: and if so what it reveals
[10:19:19] splat: what book for 3:7
[10:19:30] si: Isiah 45:
[10:19:36] splat: ahh
[10:19:58] splat: sorry, was confused, normally write that as 3-7 rather 3:7
[10:20:18] si: yeah true
[10:20:18] splat: ok, I can read it while Norwegian is finding his other verses
[10:20:21] si: my mind
[10:20:24] splat: from my NASB translation
[10:20:25] si: okay cool
[10:20:36] si: did you guys pray first?
[10:20:46] Nebuchadnezzar4: isaiah 45:3 And I will give u the treasures of darkness
–which is the mystery of Godliness I think –whicdh is that God manifested as flesh
[10:20:59] si: will u pray for understanding plz
[10:22:19] splat: ok, si, will do that
[10:24:00] Norwegian: ashΒ·shΓΌr’
[10:25:51] splat: where are you reading from, Norwegian?
[10:26:06] splat: Isa 10vs4-
[10:26:06] splat: ok
[10:26:36] Nebuchadnezzar4: Nimrod of the bible the first great assyrian said in
archeology texts that he was the reincarntion of Marduk (RA)
[10:27:00] Nebuchadnezzar4: amen
[10:27:19] si: side note: Turn to me and be saved,
all you ends of the earth;
for I am God, and there is no other.
23 By myself I have sworn, my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that
will not be revoked: Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear.
[10:27:26] splat: but it doesnt mean its his perfect will or because they are not in
his perfect will
[10:27:34] si: shows Christ is God
[10:27:37] si: very cool
[10:27:40] si: never saw this before
[10:27:53] Nebuchadnezzar4: God says in Habakkuk that He calls the babylonians to
destroty Jerusalem because the jews were in fact just as bad or worse thatn the
[10:28:14] splat: so if it doesnt plan to in its heart
[10:29:21] splat: Jeremiah 29:11
[10:30:32] Nebuchadnezzar4: Si – every verse in psalms that has the word selah is a
verse that is speaking directly of Jesus or his works of salvation – selah
[10:30:53] si: what does selah mean Neb
[10:31:19] splat: if you dont plan something
[10:31:26] splat: then it normally means by accident
[10:31:27] splat: but yeah
[10:31:38] Nebuchadnezzar4: el –god; ah–in sumerian means rest (ah) s-el-ah > rest
of God
[10:31:51] splat: yeah, is of the heart
[10:32:00] splat: its because of what is in the heart
[10:32:02] si: rest of God
[10:32:04] si: or Salvation
[10:32:05] splat: that these things happen
[10:32:07] si: amen Brother
[10:32:10] Nebuchadnezzar4: yes
[10:32:10] si: or Christ
[10:32:21] si: ty
[10:33:01] splat: yes, Satan is often called the destroyer
[10:33:13] Nebuchadnezzar4: look at any verse that contains the word selah and
interpret the He or Him or Lord as being Jesus — the three tiimes Selah is used in
Habakkuk is also direct references to Jesus and his salvtion
[10:33:37] splat: I hear ya, but youre a bit quiet si
[10:34:07] Norwegian: yes
[10:34:11] splat: cool
[10:34:20] Nebuchadnezzar4: that is exactly why we muyst be saved because we are SONs
of satan
[10:35:07] Nebuchadnezzar4: yes
[10:35:10] splat: yes, it shows it up by contrast
[10:35:20] Norwegian: ys
[10:36:02] Nebuchadnezzar4: habakkuk means to wrestle and also to embrace –habakkuk
wrestled with God in first chapter adn then saw Jesus and in last chapter embraced
[10:36:11] splat: yeah, the darkness is the absense of light
[10:36:35] Nebuchadnezzar4: yes right on
[10:38:09] splat: si, thanks for that


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